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Introducing Vatan Global

VaTAN Global Inc was started with a mission to link the 6 nations - Australia, Brasil, Fiji, India, New Zealand and USA, in Business, Trade and Tourism. VaTAN has a vision to minimize the distances of these nations with each other, provide a network among these six nations.

We are back from our vacation and I would like to thank Vatan's team in assuring that we had a pleasant and safe trip, from the point of inception at the airport untill the day we departed home from our vacation. .....!!

Vlada Goltseker

  • Art and Crafts

    Influence from hundreds of different cultures mixed with native material and genius allowed a flourishing mix of tendencies, colors and textures ..

  • Leisure Travel

    VaTAN takes the leisure travel a step ahead which leads to a customized package to the travelers needs and wants in a foreign nation.  Prior to leaving their home country, most of ...

About Vantan Global

VaTAN Global Inc was incorporated in Northern California in 2010. Though we are just a few months old, under our product sector, we have already catered to our end users with ethinic/artistic crafts (traditional and unique to each nation) and have become marketing champions to small and home artisans and traders who now have presence in the six nations.